About us

Well, there’s no shortage of websites offering URL shortener services, but our integrated tool helps you improve marketing efforts and provide a better experience for your customers. A top URL shortener tool with QR code, The Tiny enables you to create a new, shorter link that will redirect people to the same location just like a long one does. 


Why Choose Us?


  • Provides Fully-responsive URLs
  • Fast redirection
  • Simple-to-use
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Link privacy


With The Tiny, a top link shortener tool, it is super simple to get nice-looking, manageable links to share on different advertising mediums while taking less space, and keeping your text look tidy. 


The Tiny also supports QR code generation along with the short URL. Our full-service, top URL shortener with QR code allows readers with QR scanners in their mobile phones to scan the image and get access to relevant information in no time.


It’s free. Sign Up now and get shortened links to place on Facebook, Twitter, and more!


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